a somewhat arbitrary archive of things that took any amount of work.

Hi, I’m a freelance artist, 3D generalist.

I got to learn the graphics editing software almost as soon as it became widely available. In it, I was mostly interested in creating the perception of depth and motion, which was hardly possible. Then, somewhere before 1998 I got to try 3D graphics software. With the compute power at hand it was borderline useless, but the potential – obvious. A couple of years and software packages later the concepts of 3D graphics and it’s programming were how I viewed the world, and about 2006 I first started doing 3DCG professionally.

I had a proclivity for visual arts, so at the same time I finished an art school, getting interested in electromechanics somewhere on the way. Later, I graduated an art academy BA/MA in visual communication, picking up interest in conceptual art, design, robotics, metalworking, as well as in what helps to model human perception – psychology, psychophysiology, philosophy. Today I’m looking for advancing and combining the knowledge and skill into solutions of more complex problems.

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