”Materiality II”

Installation (fir, leds, wire), 1.2×1.2x2m, 2013

A withered fir decorated with fairy lights made of infrared LEDs, emitting light completely invisible to human eye.

”Materiality III”

Installation (reinforced concrete, camera, display), 0.5×0.5×0.2m, 2013

A simple spiral concrete labyrinth with built in camera that transmits a view of the end of the tunnel lit by a small window, with thick bars, on top. The end is not reachable for a human with bare hands in any way.

”Materiality IV”

Installation (digital print), 1.5x5m, 30x21x1.4сm, 2013

A book with a cut into pages labyrinth, a foreword and a sector/page map. Part of labyrinth pages is displayed hang on the wall. The vast size of labyrinth makes it impossible for a human (without automation tools) to trace it from entrance to exit.

3DCG 2012-2013

A cut of 2012-2013 semi-randomly selected 3DCG works.

This is not a promotion show-reel and depict a time period not the best works.

Disclaimer: material rights to some of content displayed in this video may belong to third parties. Said content is displayed here with a sole purpose of illustration of author’s work.
Music: “Sao Meo Orchestral Mix” – Doug Maxwell / Zac Zinger.