3DCG 2002-2008

A cut of 2002-2008 semi-randomly selected 3DCG works.

This is not promotion show-reel and depict a time period not the best works.

Disclaimer: material rights to some of content displayed in this video may belong to third parties. Said content is displayed here with a sole purpose of illustration of author’s work.
Music: “Secret Conversations”, The 126ers.

“A Story”

3DCG animation, 2002

I was self-teaching 3DCG for over a couple of years and at the time photorealism was overwhelmingly the goal of most CG as it was rarely really successful. This however was my first attempt of deviating from it – doing something different and simple in production, to find out what was I missing due to time consuming constraints of realism.

The idea came from doodling on paper and was translated into textures in MS Paint as the most instantly available digital drawing tool – closest to spontaneous doodling on a computer I could think of. 3D animation was done in 3ds Max.